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● Extremely low surface tension; waterproofing, moisture-proofing, and sweat-proofing properties
● Protection against rusting, corrosion, and vulcanization
● Adjustable insulation (<0.1um conduction, > 0.1um insulation)
● Nanoscale ultra-thin film (0.05 ~ 1um); does not affect the appearance of coated products
● Quick-drying (film formed through curing at room temperature for 1 minute)
● Suitable for glass, metal, plastic and other substrates
● Simple and easy process; the product may be patched by re-applying the coating
● Safe, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic

Feature Description

Water accidentally entering electronic products is a pain point for end users. Waterproofing of smart phones dramatically reduces the number of cell phones that are damaged by water. This allows users to not worry about water from the bathroom, swimming pool, beach, rainy days, and other environments. This greatly improves user experiences. Waterproofing expands smart phone usage scenarios and allows for underwater photography, letting users play with their phones more. With waterproofing, electronics can be cleaned using water without any restrictions, and potential health risks can be eliminated. Waterproofing is the trend for smart phones. ETOUCH’s electronic fluoride liquid is a high molecular fluoropolymer material, and it boasts excellent water & oil resistance.

Process Description

Can be applied by spraying, dipping, or brushing
● Dipping: The liquid is poured into a container, the product is immersed in the liquid for 10s, and then the product is removed and dried.

● Brushing: A brush is dipped in the liquid and the liquid is brushed across the parts to be coated evenly

Application Description

● Consumer electronics
● Smart home devices
● Automotive and industrial devices
● Medical devices
● Information security devices
Application Areas
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