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● High optical transmittance
● High inkstep-absorption capabilities
● Consistent quality
● Customizable

Feature Description

OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) is a special adhesive for bonding transparent optical components.ETOUCH can provide customized full-lamination OCA products. 1. Allows for optical transmittance; has a smooth solid plastic surface; easy to use; easy to fit; 2.Good ink step absorption capaciy,effectively inhibits bubble rebound; 3. Reliability tests show good performance with no bubble rebound; no yellowing; 4. Provides release film solutions suitable for different machine-based or manual processes; 5. Machining sizes of 1-18 inches with thicknesses of 50-350 um.

Process Description

GG: Traditional TFT LCD plus an capacitive touch panel (4 glass substrates)
In-cell: embedded projected capacitive touch TFT LCD (3 glass substrates)
On-cell: AMOLED plus an on-cell projection capacitive touch panel and protective glass (3 glass substrates)
OGS: TFT LCD plus an externally mounted OGS projected capacitive touch panel (3 glass substrates)

Application Description

● Consumer electronics
● Smart home appliance
● Automotive and industrial devices
● Medical devices
Application Areas
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