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● Low UV energy curable
● Super gap-filling capability
● Excellent elasticity modulus
● Good RA reliability
● Reworkable

Feature Description

Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive, also known as LOCA, is a special adhesive that is primarily used for the bonding of clear optical components. ETOUCH offers DuPont LOCA full-lamination frame adhesive and surface adhesive with different viscosities for superior product attributes and consistent reliability test performance. 1. Curing with low UV energy, reduces the risk of incomplete curing 2. Super gap-filling for surfaces with thick ink or uneven 3. Excellent elastic modulus, effectively revent yellowing 4. High RA reliability suitable for automotive and industrial devices 5. Reworkable for uncured glue; Easy to rework even post-curing

Process Description

Two LOCA bonding processes: dispensing & coating
Dispensing - Lamination - Leveling-UV curing
Coating - Alignment- Vacuum fitting – Bubble removal - UV curing

Application Description

● Consumer electronics
● Smart home appliance
● Automotive and industry devices
● Medical devices
Application Areas
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