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● Lamination: wet lamination; provides higher productivity; improves yields
● Exposure: low energy consumption; high productivity; long lamp life; high graphical resolution
● Development: high resolution; fast development; large development region
● Etching: limited lateral erosion; strong acid resistance
● Stripping: clean tank; low maintenance frequency; fast stripping

Feature Description

DuPont has different series of dry-film. Commonly used thicknesses include 15um, 20um, 25um, and 30um. DuPont invented dry-film in 1968 and dry-film production technology of has matured thanks to developments over the past 50 years. Dry-film is widely used with PCB, FPC, and TP production using line aspect ratios from to 1:1 to 2:1.

Process Description


Application Description

● Consumer electronics
● Smart home devices
● Automotive and industrial devices
● Medical devices
Anti-plating or anti-etching mainly used for PCBs, FPCs, touchscreens, and other areas.
Application Areas
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