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● Resistant to high temperatures
● Resistant to radiation
● Insulative
● Flame retardant
● Non-toxic

Feature Description

Performs well in high temperatures of up to 400℃ or higher; long-term operating temperatures range from -200℃ to 300 ℃; no clear melting point; Has a high insulative dielectric constant of 4.0 under 103 hertz with dielectric loss of 0.004-0.007; Excellent mechanical properties; a tensile strength for unfilled plastic of up to 100 MPa; High radiation resistance which allows for maintaining 90% film strength after 5×109 rad of fast electron irradiation; Contains a self-extinguishing polymer with low smoke rate; Polyimide is non-toxic and can be used to make cutlery and medical utensils, and can withstand thousands of disinfection.

Process Description

Graphite sintering: Slitting - Sintering - Cooling - Thinning - Coiling
GaAs Film Solar Cells: Cutting - GaAs Growth - Circuit Processing - Packaging
High-speed rail motor insulation material: Slitting - Insulation winding

Application Description

Consumer electronics
Solar energy (Flexible film solar cells)
Graphite sintering (graphite sheets)
Heavy electricity (including transformers and motors, etc.)
Application Areas
    • Super high-power motors

    • Dry transformers

    • Tablets

    • Flexible solar cells

    • Graphite sheets

    • Smartphones

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