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Kapton® MT+: High thermal conductivity; relatively high mechanical strength; suitable for storage (at temperatures of 4-29° C) flame retardant; non-toxic;

Temprion ™ EIF Series: Low thermal resistance; strong puncture resistance; minimal stress; flame retardant; non-toxic;

Feature Description

DuPont thermal insulation film boasts excellent thermal conductivity and insulation properties. Kapton® MT+ has the highest thermal conductivity among all PI films on the market, and has a thermal conductivity of 0.8 W/m•K, making it an ideal thermal management solution or substrate for thermal interface materials. Kapton® MT+ has excellent electrical performance and mechanical strength. It has the following mechanical properties: 12.9kpsi/1mil, 12.8kpsi/1.5mil, and 12.5kpsi/2mils. These characteristics make it suitable for the electronics and automotive industries. In addition, Temprion™ EIF, which is manufactured using the Kapton® MT + coating process, offers excellent thermal performance, in addition to good insulating properties.

Process Description

Gently press, move, and then fit it on the mounting surface of the heat-sink.
Positioning of fixture, and alignment of the power tube
Pressurized pre-bonding at room temperature
Heat curing

Application Description

● Thermal insulation pads (heat sink)
● Heating circuits
● Power IGBT
● Alternate ceramic substrates (ODBC)
● New energy battery PACK
Application Areas
    • New energy vehicles

    • New energy buses

    • Batteries

    • LED

    • IC

    • IGBT modules

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