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● Ground conductive, good conductivity
● Electromagnetic shielding up to 60dB
● In addition to conductive insulation, copper foil material is also capable of thermal conduction and heat dissipation

Feature Description

An electronic device prefers to avoid interference by external electromagnetic waves during its operation. At the same time, it does not wish to radiate electromagnetic waves that interfere to external devices, thereby causing harm to human bodies. Therefore, it is necessary to block the dissemination of electromagnetic waves which is known as electromagnetic shielding. Conductive shielding materials mainly include conductive foam, conductive cloth, absorbing material and metal composite materials such as copper foil. Materials can be customized according to the needs of the customer.

Process Description

Provide adhesive according to the needs of the customer. Adhesive can be cut into various shapes and customized into different sizes, thickness and conductivity.

Application Description

● FPC conductive grounding
● Antenna conductive grounding
● PCB conductive grounding
● OLED screen conductive shielding & heat dissipation
Application Areas
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