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● Real-time blending & high blend accuracy of chemical
● Real-time chemical analysis and auto replenish
● Highly integrated real-time monitor system for temperature, pressure, flow etc
● Customized & Minimizing Footprint
● Improve the purity of chemicals with this device
● Semi S2 compliant

Feature Description

Depends on our partner‘s decades of experience and technology in precision online blending of semiconductor chemicals, Our company’s blending equipment can reach an accuracy of +/-0.001% (for 23L/min fluid). In addition, our partner is also proud of numerous achievements in chemical purification. FUSION™ products are widely used in the top ten semiconductor companies of the world. We cooperate with our partner to achieve localized production of overseas advanced process machines, allowing customers to use the most advanced products, while receiving the most convenient technical support and after-sales service at the same time.

Process Description

Take MCBS, one of our partner’s best-selling products, as an example. It is an equipment that accurately blends the supplied chemicals and UPW by weight or volume according to the customer’s blending ratio. The system has stable temperature and pressure control. In addition, the equipment integrates appropriate measuring device and sensor for chemical performance, ensures the precise blending of each chemical in line or tank through PID control, and finally transfers the mixture to Day tank.

Application Description

● Litho process, Concentrated TMAH dilution,blending and distribution
● On-site purification of WET chemicals (such as H2O2 purification)
● Precise blending and distribution of CMP slurry combined with H2O2
● Precise blending and distribution of PVD electroplating solutions
● Blending and distribution of various chemicals in the FAB facility section
● Degas O2 from chemical or Mix DIO3 with chemical
Application Areas
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