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● Stable distribution of high flow chemicals
● Stable control of flow, pressure, temperature, etc
● Real-time QC verification of incoming chemical concentration
● Redundancy design to maximize production uptime
● Automated flushing & drain sequences
● Customized & Minimizing Footprint
● Semi S2 compliant

Feature Description

Depends on our partner‘s decades of experience and technology in semiconductor chemicals and gas distribution. We offer total solution to precise control process pressure, temperature and flow, thus providing customers with stable, safe and reliable distribution. TITAN™ products are widely used in the top ten semiconductor companies of the world. We cooperate with our partner to achieve localized production of overseas advanced process machines, using the most advanced products to offer the most convenient technical support and after-sales service at the same time.

Process Description

TITAN™ distributes raw materials stored in mutually-backed up chemical containers to large container buckets (e.g. 340L) used by customers. The system not only control the incoming materials, but also the output pressure. For the TITAN™ series, system flow monitoring, pressure monitoring before and after the filter, and confirmation of chemical incoming materials are considered as standard configurations.

Application Description

●LITHO develop dilution and distribution
●WET clean and etch chemicals blending and distribution
●CMP slurry blending and distribution
●All FAC chemicals distribution
●R &D chemical test, blending and distribution
Application Areas
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